We're pleased to welcome you to our Diagnostic Ambulance!


At the University of Debrecen, high-quality laboratory diagnostic care with several decades of history is provided. Within this framework, the diagnosis of coagulation diseases (e.g., hemophilia, congenital thrombophilia, thrombosis risk factors, platelet abnormalities, coagulation factor deficiencies) is world-class. A characteristic of these conditions is that patients often receive incorrect treatment for a long time due to a lack of precise laboratory diagnosis. Only a very limited number of laboratories are capable of conducting detailed examinations for these diseases. Over the past decades, patients have come to us from all over Hungary and neighboring countries, whose examinations were carried out by the experts of the Diagnostic Ambulance. Within the framework of UD youMED, there is an opportunity to expand our diagnostic service to ensure correct and quick laboratory diagnosis for as many interested patients as possible. Our diagnostic service also includes molecular genetic examinations, which are often essential for establishing an accurate diagnosis. Our experts are primarily specialists in the diagnosis of hemophilia, thrombosis, and other coagulation-related problems, but if necessary, they also conduct other blood tests related to laboratory diagnostics. Main disease groups in which we provide assistance with our fast and efficient diagnostic service:

• Examination of congenital thrombophilia • Investigation of antiphospholipid syndrome

• Congenital or acquired coagulation factor deficiency

• Platelet disorders

• Von Willebrand disease

• Vascular hemophilia (hemorrhage caused by vascular abnormalities)

• Coagulation disorders underlying infertility


Consultants in our clinic:

Dr. med. habil. Zsuzsanna Bereczky, medical laboratory diagnostics, molecular genetic diagnostics specialist, PhD, associate professor.

Dr. med. habil. Zsuzsa Bagoly, medical laboratory diagnostics specialist, PhD, associate professor.

Dr. Adrienne Kerényi, medical laboratory diagnostics, laboratory hematology and immunology specialist, PhD, university assistant professor.

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