What is paid patient care and what are the benefits?

Paid care means that, unlike free, state-funded care, the patient pays for health services. Paid care can be provided in a private health institution or in a state-run institution with a separate department or certain specialised services for which a fee is charged.


This is not a new thing, as paid patient care has been in place in Hungary for more than 25 years. Among many other factors, overcrowding in public institutions and long waiting times have prompted the creation of this type of service, which was created to provide fast, high quality medical care to solvent foreign and domestic patients without referral.

What are the benefits of paid patient care?

  • available without a referral

In contrast to public specialist care, patients do not have to go to their GP and queue for a referral and then present themselves at the specialist clinic, no referral is required for paid care. All you have to do is choose a facility, make an appointment and enjoy the convenience of fast, no-wait care.

  • shorter waiting times

Most public institutions have long waiting times. However, there are situations where waiting can cost lives, so if you can, it is advisable to use the paid service option, as most care centres place a high priority on minimising waiting times to ensure that patients receive care as quickly as possible.

  • high professional standards

Almost without exception, these paid patient care centres are staffed by highly qualified professionals with many years of experience and equipped with state-of-the-art machines. It is unlikely that the latter will wear out quickly, as they are used for far fewer tests than the machines in overcrowded public institutions.

REOF (Regional Health Education and Development Nonprofit Ltd.), located in the Clinical Centre of the University of Debrecen, is one of the best equipped paid patient care centres in the country, where highly qualified and helpful medical staff await patients coming for sixteen different types of specialist care. Choose the specialist care you need or browse our health preserving and disease prevention screening packages.  

Last update: 2023. 07. 13. 08:56