Orthopaedics - Core activity

Medical speciality dealing with congenital and acquired disorders of the locomotor system and their treatment. Locomotor diseases include diseases of the bones, joints and tendons of the limbs, some muscle diseases, and lesions of the vertebrae of the spinal column and surrounding soft tissues.

Within the surgical activities of the clinic, the most prominent are arthroscopic surgeries of the large joint endoprosthesis, low-impact arthroscopies for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. The institute has a long tradition in paediatric orthopaedic and spinal (scoliosis) surgery. This is also where ultrasound hip screening of newborn babies is done.

The world-class implants used during surgery come from internationally recognised manufacturers. Post-operative rehabilitation is supported by physiotherapists and masseurs. For people with locomotor diseases, conservative treatment is available in addition to surgery.

Last update: 2023. 07. 03. 09:02