The role of the liver is indispensable not only in digestion, detoxification, and metabolic processes.


Processes within the body occur invisibly to the human eye. Insight into these processes is provided by imaging tests, which can provide information about the condition of internal organs or pathological processes within the body.


If the underlying cause of blurred vision is cataracts (cataracta), the only treatment option is surgical intervention.


Healthy lifestyle and nutrition play a significant role in preventing cardiovascular diseases. The term cardioprotective nutrition refers to a varied and balanced diet that helps maintain the health of the heart and blood vessels, and reduces the risk of developing heart diseases.


The thyroid is a vital gland, primarily responsible for producing thyroid hormones – thereby playing a role in regulating the body's metabolism, brain function, or, for example, growth. If it cannot properly fulfill its role, it can lead to life-threatening conditions.


Paid care means that, unlike free, state-funded care, the patient pays for health services. Paid care can be provided in a private health institution or in a state-run institution with a separate department or certain specialised services for which a fee is charged.


Dermatology, also known as dermatology, deals with diseases of the skin. In a broader sense, this includes sexually transmitted diseases, which is explained by the fact that these diseases often first appear as symptoms on the skin.


Cardiology, also known as cardiac surgery, deals with diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Worldwide, including in Hungary, cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death, mostly caused by high blood pressure. The causes of high blood pressure include unhealthy lifestyle, smoking, not exercising, eating sugary and fatty foods and a lot of stress.

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